Monday, May 13, 2013

File Server – Provides storage space

In the field of computing a network , a system that has been connected or attached to any network whose main aim is providing the location for the shared storage of computer files is called a file server. For example any form of multimedia item such as any pictures, documents
Any video file, any audio file so that any workstations can access it who are attached to same computer system.

“Server” , it throws light on the machine’s role in the scheme of client – Server where the clients are treated as the workstations by using the storage.
Basically it is not made for performing any computational task, rather it is made for the data to be stored and retrieved while the computational process is carried out by any work stations.
File transfer protocol (FTP) or Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) they freely use the internet file servers.
SMB/CIFS protocol and NFS protocol they usually access to LAN servers.

These  are used in may fields. They are used in colleges, schools, any campus where Wi-Fi facility is there where the users are connected to their clients through Local Area Connection i.e (LAN).

Basically there are two types of servers.
              (1) Dedicated.
              (2) Non Dedicated.
But the database server that uses the database device driver for accessing to a shared database are not treated as these.
In this 21st century the its designing is becoming complicated day by day i.e by the demands of the space storage , Recoverability, budget and security. Again it becomes complicated when new hardware and software technologies replaces the old ones.
The average rate of the message delivered successfully over and channel of communication is managed by peak loads and response time.
From providing the requests for any part of the hardware , the servers they use the load balancing scheme (i.e. a process of multiplying the workload to multiple computers or CPU’s or other resources.
The main form of storage is the hard disk drive, but also there are other options available such as Magnetic tape and solid state drive.

Storage is the important and crucial function of the file server. The disk array has been formed by the operation of multiple disk driver together as a team, for this various modern technologies are developing day by day. A disk array consists of the cache memory (temporary memory) that is much faster and efficient that then the magnetic tape. The level of availability is increased by the disk array with the help of components such as POWER SUPPLIES rather than RAID.

(2)Security measures:
It offers to limited access to files of any user or group. Basically it deals with Hierarchical computing surrounding where the users , files , apps , and systems are treated as distinct. In so many issues the directory service  the file server have been spaned by the directory service, having the potential of 100 for big or large organization.

 So the file servers are the point whose main goal is to provide the location for the shared disk access i.e. the form of any multimedia files as photos , any audio-video files etc…....

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